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Gabriela September 2008

Welcome to my website

I am Gabriela, I was born in 1960 in Romania, lived in Timisoara in the Banat region.
Had my son Catalin in 1990.
Immigrated to the United States in 1991.

College educated in nursing.
I stand a towering 5 feet 2 inches (Bill's lil "Magic Munchkin"), I have ever changing hazel eyes (with gold highlights & brown & blue undertones) - well, that's how Bill describes them.

Latest news

Gabi pucker-upJuly 2011- Bill finally popped-the-question.
He took me to dinner at the Lake View Restaurant in the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort.
We took the boat from the main hotel lobby on the hotel's lake out to the restaurant, had dinner, dessert, paid and left to catch the next boat back to the lobby. My hunch of an impending proposal faded and was completely out of my head, by this point.
The next three boats came by and were totally full. The fourth boat was exactly as Bill had hoped, the boat pilot and only one passenger.
Bill ushered me to the front of the boat, knowing we would be sitting in a perfect position to be facing yet able to be side by side for a for a photo.
Bill handed his camera to the lady passenger asking her to take their photo. As the lady fumbled with the camera, Bill was removing the box from his pocket and got it open under his leg (out of my view).
When the lady said, "Smile!" Bill lifted the ring up to me and said, "I love you, will you marry me?" I began to cry, but said "Yes!"
(photo click)

The lady exclaimed, "Oh, my God!"
We started to chat with her and discovered she was at the hotel to participate in a ballroom dance competition and ironicly her dance coach was from Romania.
Unknown to us, the boat pilot must have radioed ahead to the dock crew because when we arrived at the hotel lobby dock, the crew and passengers in line all expressed congratulations.

Now the wedding planning and preparations begin... Plannin on a mid December wedding.
more to come...

Who Is Bill?

I met Bill online in August 2008.
We became friends via Instant Messenger chat, Emails, long telephone conversations. When we finally met in person It was magic, and still is!
He is extremely intelligent, but I keep him on his toes. :D
Although we have different political views (he is conservative, I am not...what a shocker), we challenge each other, discuss things and accept(sort of) one another's point of view.
It is a battle for the TV news channel (Fox News vs MSNBC).


My son has a website of his own click HERE .. as does Bill


I B Speshul, uh huuuh. Where's my helmet?
Gabi in Green Wig looking retarded

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