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Proud to be an American! We submit to no one.

Web Design & Programming Web/Graphic Design & Computer Training

Frostbite Falls Totem pole.

Here's Scooter!
Born roughly in May or June 2013
Adopted by us, October 3, 2013
10 pounds

Bill tipping his hat
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Bill November 2007
6'3" tall (click picture to see full-sized)

Me on my scooter in San diego in June 2006

I used to be cute...

Billy 1966 - 3 months old . Billy 1967 1 year old

(3 months & 1 year old)

This is the first painting on canvas I've ever done.
(click the pic to see it with the sconces/lights I made too)

I cook pretty well, I'm known for my from-scratch marinara (lots of oregano, garlic, fresh vegis, etc). Currently living in Palm Desert, CA, USA

Weather for Palm Desert, California

I've also begun authoring books, beginning with my forst release, "Reality Guide to Online Dating." You can download it HERE
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Moose Painting
I'm Bill, better known as "Billwinkle" online...
(I've used Billwinkle since 1994)

I was born in Sept., 1966 I earned a Bachelor's Degree in BusinessAdministration Major-FinanceReal Estate & Law)  from Cal Poly, Pomona

Here's a pic of me a couple years after:

I reunited with my birth-parents in 1992.


Below is my maternal Grandfather.
During the Great Depression, he had to drop out of school, to help support the family, working as a cabinet maker.
He continued that career, raising the family and eventually retiring.
He always knew the value of education and had vowed to, someday, graduate.
In 2001, at age 87, he DID IT!

Bio-Fam 1992

Mom n Dad These are my wonderful Dad & Mom who adopted and raised me.

I attended Palomar College studying Microsoft Computer Networking and some UNIX...
I achieved MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification in early 2000.
I'm currently a
Graphic artist(WebPages, Logos, & Marketing Materials)
PHP with MySQL web programmer.

I graduated from Chula Vista High School in 1984.
I was the recipient of the Bausch & Lomb Science Award Award photo

I was born in TrekVermont, I now live in Palm Desert ,CACAand have lived in California since 1971.
I love to travel; I've traveled within the United States extensively; I have physically been in every state in the USA accept Alaska.
I'm always looking to learn New things and expand my mind... I'm partially disabled (left side is partially paralized/weakened) from a Brain Injury in 1992.  I learn, adapt and continue.
I'm able to walk again , but I use an electric scooter to go long distances around town.
A painting called "The Forgotten Man" (Obama stepping on the Constitution, notice the past presidents & founding fathers & the regular/forgotten man).
click for enlarged view

I very much relate to this painting:
The Approaching Storm
The Approaching Storm by
Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña, 1870
Saw it at the Norton Simon Museum
in Pasadena.


Kick the BucketBefore I leave this life,


  • Alaska (to complete my visit to all 50 states, I've been in 49 so far.)
  • Whalk the procession path to & through Stone Henge
  • Ancient Rome ruins
  • Ancient Greece ruins
  • Go to Paris: Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Lovre, Arc de Triumphe, Champs-Élysées, ,Lunch at a sidewalk café
  • Australia
  • Cruise across the International Date Line
  • Pass through the original Panama Canal


  • Ride in a Hot Air BalloonSept 22, 2010 in Temecula, CA
  • Ride in a Fighter Jet
  • Make a positive difference
  • Love Unconditionallyongoing

After I die, if my family & friends are being interviewed on the news, or writing a eulogy... The format should be: things they didn't like about me or saw as imperfect, then the positive stuff. I don't want the typical unrealistic 'only good stuff'. Everything about me is ME (good AND bad) celebrate it all.

Raising funds to pay off our wedding expenses debt:

Want to see the entire photo that is behing this website? Click HERE
I took it myself in Palm Desert, CA on Fred Waring Dr near Washington St.

what the heck EMOTICON anyway?
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May 10, 2016 Scooter's 3rd Birthday

Scooter 3rd Bday


May 10, 2014 Scooter's 1st Birthday
My baby is growing up.
Scooter & Bill on Scooter's 1st Birthday

September 2013: My birthday present is so cute!
Here's "Scooter" my 4 month old RatCha puppy.
Click for larger image
Thank you, Gabi :D

March 2013: Bill volunteered at & attended the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament at Indian Wells for two weeks.
Here's Bill at the Finals
Bill @ BNP Paribas Open Finals

He met Rocket Rod Laver
Bill & Rocket Rod Laver

He also met Bud Collins (long time sports reporter
Bill & Bud Collins


We purchased the home we've rented & lived in for the past 4 years and got married in.